Well season 3 is here, and American gods are still digging their hole deeper (pun also intended). I just watched season 3 episode 8. That single episode will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about the people making this show. This show has gone so far off the deep end into BLM / stronk but oppressed whamen / trans/gay/attack helicopter garbage it’s hard to find strong enough words to describe it.

Honestly I’ve kept watching this only to see what these people try to indoctrinate others with. It’s ridiculous.

I’ve never seen such a mix of compelling “serious” storytelling mixed with ridicoulsly bad and hilarious scenes. Is this trying to be a comedy, a tragedy? What is it? Why’s every couple race mixed? I wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t literally every couple – fake agendas aren’t “progressive”, just fake. Basically racist, because the people behind this are clearly hiring people based on their race.

I see someone watched Prison Break and tried to rip it off here, but with all the other random stuff mixed in, it’s just a bad show. Boring too, captivating at first, but then…. Nah.

Just edgy enough to make every basic lowest common denominator viewer think it’s good.

From the off they got the casting wrong. The Ken doll in the central role is unconvincing & more suited to a 90210 style show. Ian McShane is outstanding (as always) but has zero chemistry with the Ken doll lead.

Amazon have compared this show to Game Of Thrones in the advertising which is a bloody liberty as it’s incomparable due to Game Of Thrones having a strong & clear narrative that grips you & doesn’t let go – everything that American Gods does not have.

Over stylised production without narrative/story is a flaw far too many shows have. American Gods looks pretty but has no connectivity – just like the lead. There really is not much more to say about watch american gods. Unoriginal sleight of hand with nothing of interest revealed.